Koji Morimoto Short Koji Morimoto Short
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Koji Morimoto Short

I have no idea what this film is about, but I sure enjoyed all the inventive cartoon movement in it. It’s a music video of sorts (sounds very Edith Piaf-esque) by Japanese director Koji Morimoto. I’ve enjoyed the few bits and pieces that I’ve seen of Morimoto’s work, including the “Magnetic Rose” sequence of MEMORIES and his trippy short film NOISEMAN SOUND INSECT– I should try to see more of his work. (link via BoltCity.com)

UPDATE: Joshua Smith writes, “The Koji Morimoto film you linked was not actually done by Morimoto; it is an example of Masaaki Yuasa’s animation from the 1992 Chibi Maruko-chan film My Favorite Song. As you know, Yuasa is the director of Mind Game and did layout, character design, and was animation director of Morimoto’s Noiseman Sound Insect. The link is from a short bio of Yuasa at kojimorimoto.net, which contains another clip from the same film.”