Len Glasser Retrospective on Saturday Len Glasser Retrospective on Saturday
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Len Glasser Retrospective on Saturday

Just a reminder that this Saturday afternoon I’ll be hosting a retrospective of Leonard Glasser’s animated films at the American Film Institute (2021 N. Western Ave, Hollywood, CA). All of the films we’ll be screening are extremely difficult to see nowadays so don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience Len’s distinctive and hilarious style of filmmaking. Len started in animation at Terrytoons working on TOM TERRIFIC, and shortly thereafter he designed Ernie Pintoff’s award-winning shorts THE OLD MAN AND THE FLOWER and THE INTERVIEW, both of which we’ll be showing on Saturday. In the early-’60s, he started his own studio, Stars & Stripes Productions Forever, where he produced some of the funniest and most imaginative animated commercials of the Sixties and Seventies. In addition to the Pintoff shorts, the screening will include a lot of TV commercials, Glasser’s own animated short HOWARD, the industrial film SAFETY SHOES which surely ranks as one of the goofiest industrials ever made, and the X-rated animation sequence from the 1971 cult classic THE TELEPHONE BOOK (“the unrecognized predecessor of the X-rated animations like HEAVY TRAFFIC and SINE” says SLEAZOID EXPRESS magazine). Len will be present at the screening for a Q-&-A following the films where he’ll talk about his cartoons and also discuss projects he’s working on nowadays. For more info, see the ASIFA-Hollywood website.

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