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After ANT BULLY, I was certain that I never wanted to see another piece of CG animation with insects in it. That was until I saw this short film on YouTube called MINUSCULE. Conceptually, it is one of the freshest bits of animation I’ve seen in a while. The insect designs are a cross between realistic/cartoon, their environment is live-action, and the gags are pure cartoon. It’s difficult to describe because while the gags are timed very cartoony, the overall feel is more naturalistic than your average cartoon. The results are laugh-out-loud funny and the short works on every level. (Be sure to turn up the volume because the sfx are excellent as well.)

I was so impressed that I decided to find out exactly what this is. Turns out that MINUSCULE is a TV pilot co-created by Hélène Giraud (production design) and Thomas Szabo (direction). The show has been picked up and they’re currently creating 78 dialogue-less 6-minute shorts chronicling the adventures of the entire insect kingdom. The production company is France’s Futurikon and the series is slated to air in the US on Disney Channel. If the rest of the episodes hold up to the quality of this pilot, I think we’re in for something special.

Watch the MINUSCULE pilot below:

(Thanks, Peter Gelderblom)

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