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More Great Animation on YouTube

Here’s a couple more rare animated shorts that were recently added to YouTube. The first, FLYING MAN (1962), was helmed by YELLOW SUBMARINE director George Dunning and caused quite a stir when it was first released in the early-60s. I’d always read that the film used a paint-on-glass technique, but I just reread a John Canemaker article about Dunning, in which Canemaker says that the characters were painted onto cels, which probably means that the animation wasn’t created under-camera. Regardless of how it was created, the freedom of the movement and looseness of the brushstroke style are both inspiring.

Also worth checking out: John Lasseter’s 1979 student film from CalArts – LADY AND THE LAMP. This would be a pretty cool extra for the dvd release of CARS.

(Thanks, Wilbert Plijnaar and Chris Sobieniak)

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