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The latest Inkwell Images’ dvd, MUTT AND JEFF: THE ORIGINAL ANIMATED ODD COUPLE has been officially released.muttjeff1.jpgThe tall and short comic duo, created by cartoonist Bud Fisher in 1908, quickly became a part of American culture. They were one of the earliest comic strip characters to be adapted to animation, beginning in 1916, and were among the first animated characters to display distinct personalities. Animation historian Ray Pointer has compiled many rare prints for this collection — including Cramps (1916), Flapjacks (1917), Where Am I? (1925), The Big Swim (1925), Dog Gone (1926), A Kick For Cinderella (1926), Where Am I? (1930 sound color version), The Globe Trotters (1927 black and white version) and The Globe Trotters (1930 sound color version) — and bonus materials including posters and variant versions of some of the cartoons. We applaud Mr. Pointer for continuing to produce such tributes to the origins of American animation. For more info, visit Inkwell Images