No one wants to direct Toy Story 3 No one wants to direct Toy Story 3
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No one wants to direct Toy Story 3

toystory3.jpgAccording to this FOX NEWS story, Disney is having a hard time getting its post-Pixar Toy Story sequel together.

That’s the word in Hollywood’s animation world, where the third installment of the incredibly successful Pixar series has no director, writer or, possibly, stars. “Every single animator of note has turned down the director’s job. They don’t want to cross Pixar. They’ve become the only deal in town.”

While I doubt Disney will halt it’s plans or have trouble finding a production crew, the fate of our favorite Pixar characters solely in Disney hands gives us reason to pause. Just seeing Buzz, Woody and Jessie on ice is scary enough, especially when we consider the possible fate of Mr. Incredible and Frozone.