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rocket robin hoodI’m en route to Los Angeles today, from an exhausting week in Ottawa. Met many Brew readers – including our two festival pass contest winners – and had a ball running Pink Panther cartoons, signing copies of my new books, and displaying the WORST CARTOONS EVER program at the Saturday night animators party. Amid and I will be back to regular blogging by Tuesday. So forgive the delay in new information. We will be back with a full report on our adventures later in the week.By the way, they are selling the PINK PANTHER book in Canada with a dvd of early Pink Panther cartoons attached. I know you can know order the book on and they will ship the book to you immediately. Does anyone out there know if the version has a dvd attached? The publishers told me first, a long time ago, that a dvd would be attached to the book. Months later they said it would not. I will check with DK when I get back to the states. In the meantime, I’d appreciate it if any readers can let me know if the book has shown up in local bookstores – with or without dvds.Thanks.