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robotchicken2.jpgCartoon Network sent me a screener tape of their new Adult Swim series, ROBOT CHICKEN. Our buddies at Screen Novelties had a hand in it so I gave it a look – and I’m glad I did.robotchicken4.jpgROBOT CHICKEN is very funny. It’s sort of an SCTV-MR. SHOW skitcom with stop-motion action figures. It gets points from me for being hand animated, – heck, it gets extra points for doing a take-off on the 1948 Superman serial, but I digress. The writing is very good, the animation (considering it’s funky stop-mo with store-bought dolls) is as it should be. I laughed several times during the 12 minute first episode, and that’s as it should be too. I intend to keep watching, and advise you to check it out when it premieres Sunday Feb. 20th at 11:30pm.Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Seineich will join Tom Goes To The Mayor’s Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro on March 4th (at 7:30pm) at the Director’s Guild Theatre in Hollywood, at an Adult Swim tribute, as part of The Museum of Television & Radio’s annual William Paley Festival. This program will be hosted by Adult Swim’s Keith Crofford. More information on this event is available on the MT&R website.