Samurai By Three Legged Legs Samurai By Three Legged Legs
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Samurai By Three Legged Legs


SAMURAI, a slickly produced and visually striking mini-film created for GE’s “Imagination at Work” campaign, tells “a tale of a pint-sized samurai faced with a seemingly impossible challenge as proposed by a behemoth Emperor and his wicked minions.” The short can be seen in its entirety HERE. It’s produced by Three Legged Legs, the LA-based animation collective comprised of Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt and Reza Rasoli. Three Legged is also responsible for such quality pieces as “Los Angeles Lets Be Friends” and “Humans!” SAMURAI is currently airing on various cable providers’ trailers-on-demand programs and will debut in a few weeks on GE’s website.

(Thanks, Reza)