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advisoryseal.jpgIt always bothers me when I see an animated film advertised with this seal (at right) from the Film Advisory Board. It’s usually pasted on newspaper ads for G-rated family films, and it’s practically a kiss of death. I’d seen it before on such other animated “classics” as TRUMPET OF THE SWAN, GUMBY THE MOVIE and FREDDY AS F.R.O.7. No Pixar, Disney or DreamWorks film has ever lowered themselves to accept this supposed “award of excellence.” Warners used it to promote LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION and you remember how well that film fared. To me, it’s a sign of desperation by clueless movie distribution execs who have no confidence in the film or in their abilities to market it – and it wouldn’t surprise me if many parents, burned by previous movie-going disappointment, also see this seal as a warning of crap ahead. It’s especially sad to see it currently affixed to the ads for CURIOUS GEORGE (because, as I say below, GEORGE is a nice little film).The Film Advisory Board seems to be run by a cruise ship singer and a magazine writer – nice ladies I’m sure; comedian Fred Travelena allowed them to put his name on their letterhead as a “celebrity friend.” I have no idea why Hollywood cares what they have to say – I certainly don’t.

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