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Here’s something we cartoon historians don’t see everyday. In fact, baby boomers and everyone born since then have never seen it: The original opening title to a Terrytoons SUPER MOUSE cartoon (He Dood It Again, 1943).Except for the few rare Super Mouse movie posters still in existence, all references to Terrytoons original ‘Mouse of Tomorrow’ were erased from history when the character was rechristened Mighty Mouse in 1943. Apparently another Super-Mouse was published in the October, 1942 dated first issue of Coo Coo Comics (Nedor Publishing Co.), the same month Terry’s mouse of steel made his debut appearence in theatres. According to Don Markstein, Nedor and its successors, Standard Comics and Pines Comics, continued to publish Super Mouse regularly until 1958. However, Paul Terry, either fearing a lawsuit from DC Comics or not wanting to give a comic book character undo publicity, made the name change – which was for the better, if you ask me. However, the 1942 and ’43 Super Mouse theatricals were altered in re-release to reflect the name change.We’ve never seen the original on-screen opening title – until Mark Kausler came upon this nitrate print in a recent purchase. Thanks to Mark for contributing this gem to my Terrytoon original title page.

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