The Politics of the Incredibles The Politics of the Incredibles
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The Politics of the Incredibles

This article in the NY TIMES interviews Brad Bird about the beneath-the-surface politics of THE INCREDIBLES:

If such scenes provide some knowing moments for the red-state audience, there may be something hiding in “The Incredibles” for blue-state denizens as well. The villain of the piece, who goes by the name of Syndrome, creates a mechanical weapon of mass destruction to terrorize the world so that he can disarm it and make himself a superhero.

Will some be tempted to think of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Mr. Bird insisted that it was not his vision of Syndrome, a vision that predated the election of Mr. Bush and the war in Iraq. But, he said, “if you connect that with George Bush, that’s all right with me.”

(via The Disney Blog)