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Many readers of this blog have written in to ask about getting a recording of the big UPA Event at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last month. In response to the requests, Tee Bosustow (who taped the event for an upcoming documentary on his father’s studio) has decided to offer a DVD of the panels for $40. (This price is only good through the following week; thereafter he will charge a higher price for it.) In addition to the DVD, Tee will throw in the full-color program book that attendees received that night and pay all postage costs (U.S. only). Tee says:

The DVD includes the opening montage of UPA characters, especially created to open the event, Jerry Beck’s opening comments, the 1951 UPA behind-the-scenes clips, scenes from the work-in-progress UPA documentary, plus highlights of the two panels at the Egyptian, as well as the panel Asifa-Hollywood had at the AFI about two years ago. It runs about an hour, a tad under, and it has menu buttons to start at the top, or go directly to the film clips, or panel discussions.But, at this time it doesn’t include any of the UPA cartoons that were shown, since we don’t yet have the rights to include them. But, once we get the rights, we will send the updated DVD to everyone who bought an advanced copy.The First Panel at the Egyptian includes; Bill Melendez, Willis Pyle, Alan Zaslove, and Mark Kausler. The Second Panel at the Egyptian is; Fred Crippen, Sam Clayberger, Lou Romano, and Amid Amidi. And, the Panel at the AFI was Bob McIntosh, Joe Siracusa, Alan Zaslove, Eddie Friedman, Fred Crippen, and Mel Leven. All, of course, were moderated by some guy named Jerry Beck.

If anyone has questions, email Tee at bosumedia (at) yahoo.com. If you are ready to buy, make a check out to Artist in Me, LLC and mail it, postmarked on or before May 1st, to:Tee Bosustow
6633 Woodley Avenue, #9
Van Nuys, CA 91406Include your mailing address, of course. Tee is also selling the program for the event separately, without the DVD, while they last, at $10.

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