bluto headAnimator Joel Brinkerhoff sent us some models for the POPEYE CG special when it was in development at Will Vinton Studios last year. We’ve posted them here
“I have mixed emotions looking at the Popeye still you posted,” says Brinkerhoff. “It was a project that I personally had worked on with great anticipation; it was also the project that helped remove Will Vinton from his studio after 27 years.””Jim Hardison wrote the last draft that I am aware of and I know he went back to the original Thimble Theater strip that Segar created for his characterizations. I would have been a lead animator and co-animation director had the projected stayed with Vinton. I did models from the Fleischer models sheets and mouth charts for the cg modelers so the look would have the same integrity as the classic cartoons.””Time will tell how successfully MainFrame made their translation; it’s all speculation as to what Will Vinton Studios would have done.”

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