Who Are You? Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

As promised, here are the RESULTS from the Cartoon Brew reader survey that we ran a month or so ago. We ran the survey for our new ad reps, Federated Media, who will be helping bring quality (hopefully) advertising to the site. I thought there were some notable figures that stood out in the results. For example, it was interesting to learn that a whopping 82% of our readers are male, though that percentage certainly isn’t as skewed as a site like Digg.com, which has a 94% male readership.

Other noteworthy numbers: one out of every three of Brew readers makes $75,000 or more a year (who said animation doesn’t pay), 64% of our readers are in the coveted 18-39 age demo, 75% of our readers view the site at least once a day, and 39% have their own blog. That last figure sounds a bit high, but that’s to be expected when the survey sample is in the hundreds and our readership is in the thousands. In general, the survey results look pretty solid so thanks again to everybody who participated.