You’ve got to do it right You’ve got to do it right
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You’ve got to do it right

GREASE producer Robert Stigwood should never, I repeat NEVER, be allowed within a hundred miles of an animation studio. He’s planning to remake the Who’s 1975 rock-opera feature TOMMY into an animated film, which is fine, but he wants to spend $400 million to do it. Is it even possible to spend $400 million on an animated film? What are they going to do: produce it five times in a row and then pick the best version? Stigwood’s insane reasoning: “It will feature the biggest names in the music industry. The original movie costs $3-4 million but this will cost $300-400 million. If you are going to do it, you’ve got to do it right.” This is a textbook example of what happens when people without the faintest clue of how animation works get the notion that they should produce an animated film. What’s even more frightening is that there’s probably some exec right now at a movie studio, with an equally abysmal understanding of animation, thinking to himself, “You know, that sounds like a damn fine idea.”
(link via Animated-News)