Zathura Actors Hate CG Zathura Actors Hate CG
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Zathura Actors Hate CG

“I will fully be on record saying I hate CG. I don’t get emotionally invested in video games and likewise I can’t get emotionally invested in something that’s come out of a computer.” That’s what Dax Shepard, one of the stars of the new film ZATHURA, told the METRO NEWS. Granted, he’s promoting a film that uses very little CG and instead relies on old school FX techniques like miniature models, constructed sets and costumed actors, but one wonders if the Jon Favreau-directed film is only the beginning of an anti-CG backlash in Hollywood movies. And what could this mean for animation? Are we going to have a filmmaker come along who decides that animated CG features don’t have enough heart and decides to make a hand-drawn animated film?Joel Schlosberg, who sent in this link, also notes that it’s ironic that Favreau chose to go retro on a film that is based on a Chris van Allsburg book because “earlier adaptations of a story by the same author provided two of the paradigmatic examples of CG excess: Jumanji (one of the earliest) and The Polar Express.”
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