Cartoon Brew's Weekly Podcast Cartoon Brew's Weekly Podcast

We’re pleased to announce that Cartoon Brew’s podcast is returning today in a new weekly format.

Tune in every Friday for a concise wrap-up of news, commentary, and interviews that complements — and goes beyond — the site’s written form.

In this week’s roundup of animation news, we talk about shifting release schedules for theatrical features in the U.S., Fox’s renewals of Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers, and have a short conversation with José Iñesta, founder of Mexico’s Pixelatl Festival and Ideatoon animation development program.

Jose Iñesta.
Jose Iñesta.

Iñesta talks about both the challenges and unexpected benefits of hosting a virtual edition of Pixelatl and Ideatoon this year. He also offers fascinating insights on how the executives participating in Ideatoon have shifted their perspective in the last couple years on the types of content they want to see from Mexican creators:

When we started, most of the broadcasters and participants of Ideatoon, told us that they wanted to see original stories that could relate to a worldwide audience, what they would get in North America and Europe, kind of like the same frame of reference. They told us we want robots, space, magic; they would tell us what they were looking for ahead of time and that’s what we told the artists participating in Ideatoon. Last year, there was a major shift and they told us, ‘We’re not interested in global themes; we’re interested in local stories that could actually relate to a worldwide audience.’

Pictured at top, l-to-r: “The Croods: A New Age,” Ideatoon participant “Lucky White: Cursed Shards,” and “Family Guy.”