Every day at least 6 children age 0 to 18 are injured in an unintentional shooting, and 75% of gun shot injuries to children under ten that are serious enough to require hospitalization are due to unintentional shootings. States United to Prevent Gun Violence, a national non-profit organization working to decrease gun death and injury, today released a new TV commercial and web video called Monster in the Closet. The powerful, haunting spot directed by Yves Geleyn is meant to raise awareness and elevate the importance of safe gun storage and prevention of child access to firearms.

“In the wake of so many tragic mass shootings, the nation’s focus has been on strengthening gun laws,” said Sue Hornik, Executive Director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence. “But one preventable threat to children’s safety is unlocked and loaded guns found around the house . . . the proverbial ‘monster in the closet’ of our new public service announcement.”

Director: Yves Geleyn
Produced at Hornet Inc
Editors: Joel Miller (Cut+Run) & RJ Glass
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Andreau
Storyboard Artist: J. Todd Anderson
Character Designer: Oren Haskins
Background Designer: Mark Boardman
Supervising Technical Director: Sang-Jin Bae
Lead CG Artist & Compositor: David Hill
CG & Compositing: Richard Kim
Modeling: Erwin Riau & Dan Fine
CG Animation: Sean Thorpe, Andrew Boccio, Emily Griswold
Lead 2D Animator: Mike Luzzi
Animators: Keelmy Carlo, Mark Pecoraro, Nivedita Sekar, Frank Summers
Animation Clean Up: Emma Noble
R&D: Arman Matin

Edited at Cut and Run
Editor: Joel Miller
Assistant Editor: Tom Akey, Stacy Peterson

Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh of Mutato Muzika
Producer: Natalie P. Montgomery
Engineered by: Bradley Denniston

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