After a summer and autumn at film festivals, London-based motion-graphics designer Adam Wells has now put his 9-1/2 minute short online for everyone else to see. Don’t let its deceptively simplistic look scare you, this is a clever little piece of experimental filmmaking. Wells sent us some background:

I work as a motion designer in London for TV and corporate stuff, and did this project after hours at home. It look me about six months in total, working haphazardly. It was completed in March and has been playing at festivals. I found the online vs. festival thing very frustrating, but watching the film with an audience in a cinema is a very gratifying experience. (One particular Cartoon Brew post here was very insightful – thanks!).

I really wanted to try something different with 3d animated storytelling. I feel that 3D is often sidelined, as been a little bit cheaper and less artistic (possibly because of the technical skills required to pull it off) in the festival scene. So I want to try and prove its potential by using what I call mechanical storytelling – as opposed to the cinematography route that so many 3D film makers use. I feel there is no reason why experimental films cannot be fun and entertaining as well.

I couldn’t agree more.

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