“Jazz That Nobody Asked For” by Rune and Esben Fisker

Sometimes a little good, simple cartoon fun hits the spot. Danish brothers Rune and Esben Fisker (aka Benny Box) begin Jazz That Nobody Asked For with a simple concept—a guy gets a song stuck in his head—and push it to its maddest conclusion. Dig more of their jazz at

Directors: Rune Fisker & Esben Fisker
Idea: Rune Fisker & Esben Fisker
Storyboard: Rune Fisker
Animatic: Rune Fisker
Character design: Rune Fisker
Background design: Esben Fisker
Animation: Pawel Binczycki, Rune Fisker, Esben Fisker
Compositing: Rune Fisker, Esben Fisker, Pawel Binczycki
Sound design: Pawel Binczycki
Music: ‘Quaker City Jazz’ by Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters ‘Intro’ by Balkan Balagan
Produced by Benny Box