Here’s the stylish new short film/trailer/music video for the Kevin Dart’s latest Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls adventure:

Produced entirely in After Effects using Kevin’s artwork, co-director Coëdel says:

“Our goal here was to upgrade the overall quality compared to the previous film “A Kiss From Tokyo”. To move away from a pure tribute to movies and TV series from the 60s and develop Yuki’s world. Graphics are less sketchy, the animation smoother and we’ve got rid of all the vintage FX (film jump, retro projected backgrounds, etc…). We worked on this film during the little spare time we had, so the production spread out over a year. But the real effective time spent making it was more or less 2 and a half months.”

You can pre-order of Kevin Dart and Elizabeth Ito’s new book Looks That Kill, which includes both animated trailers on DVD, plus several behind the scene extras, at the Yuki-7 website.

Jerry Beck

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