“Maison Sonore” by Jonatan Schwenk “Maison Sonore” by Jonatan Schwenk

The weary residents of a large residential complex want to get away from it all, until a young man with a musical instrument moves into the building. Jonatan Schwenk‘s Maison Sonore is an engimatic piece with a simple concept and loads of atmosphere. The stop motion puppets successfully blend realism and caricature, and the wide-angle compositions and eerie calm heighten the film’s tension. Schwenk created the diploma project at the Offenbach University of Art and Design in Germany.

Making-of video and credits after the jump.

Director, Screenplay, Animation, Director of Photography, Lighting, Editing, Storyboard: Jonatan Schwenk
Clothes & Sets: Teresa Rinn
Soundtrack & Sound Design: Nils Wildegans
Faces & Hair: Cosima Peth
Assistent Director: Liliane Buckler
Technical Advisor: Marc Rühl
Best Boy: Maximilian Reimann
Animation Assistance: Merlin Flügel
Music played by Nils Wildegans and Niklas Sprenger
Sound Mix: Bernd Zimmermann
Mentoring / Production: Rotraut Pape

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