“Umbra” by Malcolm Sutherland “Umbra” by Malcolm Sutherland

Montreal-based Malcolm Sutherland, who seemingly completes a new animated short every few minutes, debuted his latest–Umbra–last week. His creative range never fails to impress, and what is more remarkable is how fully conceived and realized each idea is. There’s something complex and introspective bubbling underneath the surface of Umbra, and it’s a film that I’ll be definitely revisiting over time.

Sutherland’s production notes: “The animation is all hand-drawn; a mix of drawing on paper and digital animation with a Wacom Cintiq tablet, assembled in After Effects 7 and edited in Sony Vegas 8. Music by Alison Melville and Ben Grossman, foley by Leon Lo, sound design/mix by Malcolm Sutherland.”

(Thanks, Kat Morris)

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