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The application window for the spring 2023 edition of the Emile Cohl Atelier Career Accelerator is now open.

Emile Cohl Atelier (ECA) is a social impact nonprofit that addresses educational equity as it relates to the design and animation industry. Founded in 2019, ECA helps talented, aspiring artists develop their careers by equipping them with the skills needed for competitive creative industry placements.

Emile Cohl Atelier provides participants with access to legendary working professionals and artists who teach within its Career Accelerator. The program offers two four-month tracks which are often highly sought after alternatives to higher education’s lengthy and expensive tuition programs.

L’Ecole Emile Cohl (EEC) was founded in 1984, and is located in Lyon, France. The school has specialized in teaching traditional art and drawing for over 35 years, training more than 1,500 contemporary professionals to date. EEC’s reputation in the education space is world renowned. Emphasizing the validity of the school’s pedagogical approach, Ecole Emile Cohl boasts a 100% graduation placement rate.

What’s more, Ecole Emile Cohl alumni have gone on to become acclaimed figures in publishing, animation, video game design, and the digital arts. Identical in values, Emile Cohl Atelier and Ecole Emile Cohl are confrères, or partners, in constant dialogue and support of one another.

Jules Auger
Artwork by Émile Cohl student Jules Auger

Emile Cohl Atelier’s Career Accelerator allows its potential participants to select either a visual development or storyboarding focus. Both paths are built on strong foundations due to their close association with the Ecole Emile Cohl. ECA’s curriculum is anchored in the successful academic module of its parent organization.

EEC’s curriculum focuses on two objectives: to establish mastery of drawing in all its forms and to ensure the expertise of imaginative storytelling and creativity.

Rooted in French pedagogy, Emile Cohl Atelier’s accelerator tracks include over 330 hours of live instruction from brilliant instructors for a tuition of $5,000. The cost is highly competitive considering the quality of training provided to participants to learn the skills needed to break into the arts or gaming industry.

With opportunities to learn from industry professionals working at the likes of Disney, Netflix, Dreamworks, Skydance, and more, Emile Cohl Atelier is a life-changing experience that is only an application away for those who are interested.

Eva Lacanal
Artwork by Émile Cohl student Eva Lacanal

According to Guillaume Champavere, executive director of ECA:

What further sets Emile Cohl Atelier apart from other non-profits in this space is that we are passionate about offering merit-based scholarships to eligible students. Arts-based education should not be conditional to one’s external circumstances. We do not require experience, only talent and a commitment to learning. Our talented alumni, many of whom have been placed at prolific animation studios, often attest that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. ECA is at its core a supportive and inclusion-driven community bonded together by incredible talent.

To apply, applicants can use Emile Cohl Atelier’s online portal – click here. Merit-based scholarships are available for exemplary applicants. Talented artists from under-resourced or underserved areas are highly encouraged to apply!

Pictured at top: artwork from Ecole Émile Cohl student Ting Yun Yu,

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