Reallusion CTA contest 2020 Reallusion CTA contest 2020

After two months, the 2020 “Animation At Work” Contest for Cartoon Animator (CTA) has come to a close and the winners have been announced.

This marks the fourth year that Reallusion has invited creators from around the world to submit their best animation work — using Cartoon Animator 4 — to show their talents and win prizes. They received 185 entries across four categories: Business, Comic, Education, and Youtuber.

This year, the topics of the entries displayed a wide diversity of multicultural backgrounds, along with all levels of CTA users joining in the contest. In a stunning win, some newcomers who were first-time learners of CTA pulled off quite a coup as they took home the first prizes, proving once again that CTA is the tool of choice among different skill levels.

Among all the entries, a total of 12 winners floated to the top and showed their outstanding animation technique and creativity. The contest not only recognizes top-notch talents in various industries, including leading freelance animators, educators, agencies, and business companies, it also engages beginners who find Cartoon Animator 4 a handy animation tool for varied purposes.

Check out the videos that won First Place in each of the four categories below, and see what judges loved about them. Click here to see the full list of winners.

Business Animation — 1st Prize
The Wolf that Wanted to Be an Animator

by Francesco Tammaccaro (Italy)

Winner Francesco Tammaccaro shares his thoughts on winning the contest:

I am over the moon for winning this year’s competition! This year’s entry was a real challenge for me: I wanted to stress-test my abilities and check how viable Cartoon Animator was in a tight-deadline situation.

The whole animation, from concept to post-production and audio, was done by myself in just 12 days. It was very challenging, but I confirmed that Cartoon Animator can truly be used for creating budget-friendly quality animations in a very short time. Cartoon Animator really delivers what it promises, and that’s why I am using it more and more extensively for all my works.

What judges love about this entry:

This talented CTA animator brings high-quality animations with distinctive body motion styles. The characters are beautifully created with careful details. You can see a strong and engaging storyline and the finest animation visual effects with extensive use of After Effects.

Comic Animation — 1st Prize
Éxito vs efectividad

by Esteban Sisa (Ecuador)

Winner Elvis Estaban Sisa shares his thoughts on winning the contest:

As a 2d animator I think creative talent is just as important as technical knowledge. Having the right tools and software is the key — in the short time since I discovered CTA4, I’ve been fascinated by the powerful tools it provides. With a friendly interface, it optimizes time and is ideal for increasing productivity without losing quality.

What judges love about this entry:

This is a magnificent comic animation reminiscent of classic Japanese cartoons! His camera angles, tempo, and overall feel really nailed it. The winner surprised us by creating such a stunning project within a short period of time since his first discovery of CTA. As a heavy user of Adobe’s creative softwares like Photoshop and After Effects, this winner demonstrates a great integration of workflow from Photoshop to Cartoon Animator to After Effects.

Youtuber Animation — 1st Prize
Manzan-Gurme Grandmother

by Sergey Stepanov (Russia)

Winner Sergey Stepanov shares his thoughts on winning the contest:

This is a professional animated short that is waiting to premiere in theaters. But my colleagues and I decided to put it up for the competition. Our team made a story about a girl who became an orphan and had to overcome difficulties. But faith in the good helped her pass a black stripe in life.

According to Buryat mythology, Grandmother Manzan Gurme is the Buryat great goddess, who has “the greatest power and knowledge of all the heavenly spirits.” The enthusiasm and joy of victory gave us a creative mood to create new cartoons. The program Cartoon Animator was a tool for fast and high-quality content creation and animation.

What judges love about this entry:

This award goes to Sergey Stepanov for this amazing entry, which has already won several awards in other events. This professional work is spectacular with strong descriptive power, character creation, and animation skill. A top-notch entry! Sergey as a professional animator has successfully set foot in the film industry with his project, which was exclusively made with Cartoon Animator.

Education Animation — 1st Prize
Happy Animal Day!

by Salma Syahidah (Indonesia)

Winner Salma Syahidah shares his thoughts on winning the contest:

This is my first time joining this contest and my first time working in Cartoon Animator 4. Cartoon Animator is a really comprehensive software and easy to use, especially with its character control and 3d parallax feature. I would definitely deep-dive more into CTA for my future projects.

What judges love about this entry:

This well-done animation impressed our judges with so many nice surprises, including the unique paper cutouts, the articulated paper puppets, and the different cat animation angles that made good use of CTA’s motion features. This is another trial user who is exploring Cartoon Animator for the first time, yet shows the ease of use of CTA by extensively applying handy features like the 360 Head creation.

Business Animation Winners

2nd Prize: First Steps: “From Phonics to Reading” (Created by Ken Chan)
3rd Prize: Pitch for Paging Dr Squirt (Created by Anita Bell)

Honorable mention 1: GSIS Online APIR (Created by Joseph C. Mallari)
Honorable mention 2: Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) (Created by Wasin Mekkit)

Comic Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Summer Wind (Created by Ward Anderson)
3rd Prize: Dinner for One (Created by Warwick Hays)

Honorable mention 1: Merry Meadows — The Red Ball (Created by Christopher Meyer-White)
Honorable mention 2: Charlie (Created by Tom Jantol)
Honorable mention 3: Skeleton and fly — Azbus (Created by Farid Muminov)
Honorable mention 4: Quest for Fire by Happyslug Video — By MBJ (Created by Matt Bissett-Johnson)

Youtuber Animation Winners

2nd Prize: The Mules (Created by Marc Arnaud)
3rd Prize: Colour by Colour (Created by Ronny Gomez)

Honorable mention: DORA vs NILOYA Princess Rap Battle (Created by Mazilu Daniela)

Education Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Destiny Short Film (Created by Mohammed Abdullah Sharaf Ebrahim)
3rd Prize: Don’t Be a Fool (Created by Eon De Bruin)

Honorable mention 1: New Three Little Pigs (Created by C.Y. Hsu)
Honorable mention 2: Funke and Lekan the Blue Dragon — A Covid 19 Story (Created by Emmanuel Akande)

These outstanding entries are all created by Cartoon Animator 4.

Download a free trial of Cartoon Animator 4 via this link.
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