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Since the beginning, TVPaint Animation software has been looking closely to their users’ needs to make traditional animation easier. It’s a monument built with traditional animator’s wishes.

You will always need to draw in order to animate in TVPaint Animation. And it is for the best, as it is meant to ease the unpleasing steps like scanning or photographing your drawings to get a line test, the building of perspectives, or the long coloring process.

All you need to do with TVPaint Animation is draw, and let the program assist you with everything else. And when you watch a film made in TVPaint Animation, you have the feeling you are watching traditional hand-drawn animation.

There were traditional animators around the world who wouldn’t leave their pencil and paper for a computer, until TVPaint showed them that they could still be doing the same work, but much more quickly. And that’s the kind of animators who have been fueling new ideas and functions for the software to serve their own work.

A great community follows the evolution of the software. This community is made up of people who started learning and working on animation on paper, but also new generations of animators who learned the very first steps on a tablet.

The world of 2d animation is a small world filled with passionate people who want to make their passion grow bigger, for themselves, and for the world. And TVPaint is committed to supporting this idea, working to make hand-drawn animation as fast and easy to handle as possible.

The TVPaint team is always heedful of the needs of its users, providing them with answers as quickly as possible. They are also very attentive to features and improvement requests, and gather feedback from many countries to try and satisfy the needs of different cultures in their use of the program.

As time passes, the TVPaint community expands, and not only does the software team do their best to help them, but the users also happily help each other, like a big family. The company’s will is to keep the connection they have with the animators and continue being a bridge that brings them together.

TVPaint also keeps in mind the variety of its users. Student don’t have the same needs as studios. And, as far as possible, TVPaint aims to meet the needs of everyone.

TVPaint Animation is used by a large number of schools in the world. It provides training to teachers and students and gives them the mastering of the tools necessary to build their projects.

With affordable prices for students, TVPaint has continued to grow its footprint in the student community, led by wide usage in Europe.

TVPaint also brings support to various projects aiming to raise the popularity of 2d hand-drawn animation everywhere. The software exhibits at tradeshows and festivals around the world, and also suppors events that celebrate and elevate the status of 2d animation.

The short “Sam’s Dream,” for which <a href="">TVPaint was a partner</a>, on display at the National Festival of Animated Film in Rennes, France, 2018.
The short “Sam’s Dream,” for which TVPaint was a partner, on display at the National Festival of Animated Film in Rennes, France, 2018.

Also important, TVPaint’s client support is free and personalized, providing support for sales, technical issues, and special production requests.

In short, TVPaint will accompany you as your project grows, and will make the integration of its software in your production pipeline as smooth as possible.

The software is an all-in-one program which allows animators to complete their animation project every step of the way, without having to use other programs. Of course, with its various options for export, users can also switch to your favorite compositing software if they wish to.

There are limitless possibilities with TVPaint. You can make your own brushes, and create and animate the images that you want. TVPaint Animation will become your personal creative engine.

Its also available on most operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android and many versions of Linux.

So, don’t wait any longer. In 2019, join the TVPaint community and start drawing wonderful animation with TVPaint Animation.

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