The French software company TVPaint Développement is celebrating a major milestone this year: 25 years of animation software creation.

Since its debut in 1991 as a software package for Amiga (now that’s old school!), TVPaint has gained an international reputation as the premier digital tool for 2D hand-drawn animation. Always adapting to both market and technical evolutions, the TVPaint experience seeks to make the digital animation experience as close to paper as possible.

TVPaint Animation is at the core of some of today’s finest 2D hand-drawn animation projects, from student films produced at Gobelins and CalArts to theatrical feature films like The Song of the Sea and the soon-to-be-released Ethel and Ernest, and all kinds of movies, TV series, and shorts.

To celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, TVPaint Développement produced a short film, Journey Through Creativity, that premieres today exclusively on Cartoon Brew:

The piece was single-handedly designed, animated, and directed by Tévy Dubray, a twenty-two-year-old French-Cambodian animator. Dubray’s work came to the attention of TVPaint Développement when she participated in a summer internship at the company in 2014. Her animation is paired with the music of Louis Warynski (aka Chapelier Fou), an electronic musician from TVPaint’s hometown of Metz, France.

As a gift to users of the software, the majority of the short’s files created in TVPaint Animation 11 will be made available this summer on TVPaint’s website. And here’s a hot tip: the company is exploring ways to develop a program that would fund additional teams of artists to create shorts and projects using their software.

TVPaint Développement is also embarking on new educational partnerships to create video tutorials reaching beyond the technical aspects of the software. Sure, learning how to take advantage of the software’s sophisticated technical features, like its Colors and Textures Generator layer, is essential, but so is learning how to develop one’s artistic skills.

To achieve that aim, TVPaint has united with top animation talents to offer 2D online animation courses. The first lesson is from veteran Disney animator and Brother Bear co-director Aaron Blaise. In the first 54-minute-long video, Blaise walks viewers through the basic steps of creating drawn animation in TVPaint, from rough animation through timing and lip sync:

TVPaint plans to offer sample files from various animation studios that agree to share their work, allowing users to see how professionals all over the world incorporate the software into their production pipelines.

If you’re still not convinced that TVPaint is the right software package for you, there are numerous ways to learn more. For information on software pricing, and current and future projects using TVPaint, subscribe to their newsletter at

To speak with other people using the software, join the active community of users on their discussion boards:

And don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the company through their contact form:


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