How Jeffrey Katzenberg Convinced Me To Drop Out of CalArts

Jeffrey Katzenberg
Katzenberg (left) speaking at CalArts last October (Photo via 24700 blog)

Good read: a delightfully bizarre blog post from last October by Stephen M. Levinson. He was accepted into CalArts and started attending last fall. After Jeffrey Katzenberg came to speak at the school, he was inspired to drop out of CalArts just four weeks into his freshman year. Nobody but Stephen will know whether it was the right decision, and he probably won’t know himself until many years down the line, but I can appreciate his ballsy, gut-instinct decision making. Best of all, if things don’t pan out, he can always blame Jeffrey:

After his visit, I emailed Jeffrey Katzenberg and thanked him for all of his time, for coming down to CalArts and for speaking to us, telling him how he’s had a huge impact on my life. I sincerely thanked him for his visit. His response, “:-). Best of luck to you.”

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