'Superman and Lois' 'Superman and Lois'

Basilic Fly Studios has launched a new London-based vfx studio called Lightrunner Studios and is hiring now.

In addition to taking on vfx work, the new location will feature an R&D division focusing heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Lightrunner Studios Details:

  • Lightrunner Studio will do vfx work for feature films, television, and advertising, focusing on hero environments and animated creatures and characters. The unit will also host a dedicated R&D team that will focus on advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase its workload without sacrificing quality. Lightrunner’s launch lineup includes vfx work for titles including Gangs of London, Superman and Lois, and Swan Song.
  • Former MPC global executive producer Christina Graham will head the new studio with Valter Sagrillo serving as head of computer graphics and Jamie Briens as head of pipeline.
  • Basilic Fly was founded in Chennai, India in 2011 by a handful of vfx artists and producers who have grown the company from a group of 90 artists working in Chennai to a global business that employs more than 500 artists and developers around the world.
  • Balakrishnan Rajarathinam, CEO and managing director of Basilic Fly Studios, said in a release: “Modern art forms and new technologies go hand in hand. The visual effects domain in particular is evolving with newer digital techniques. And those who adapt and utilize them enjoy endless possibilities and the opportunities are boundless. We intend to do just that. Lightrunner Studio will explore and embrace the latest approaches of vfx workflows and processes laser-focused on AI and machine learning.”
  • In a release, Graham said: “Lightrunner Studio will draw on top talent across the world to work on projects that are sure to delight audiences. London sits at the heart of the global entertainment industry and the crossroads between East and West, so it was the obvious choice to have as our creative and client base. I look forward to welcoming even more talented vfx and tech colleagues as we begin our growth journey. As Lightrunner Studio evolves, we look forward to being at the forefront of emerging vfx technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, deploying these into artist workflows to allow the delivery of ever more complex and awe-inspiring projects.

Cartoon Brew’s View: We’ve published a heap of stories about international vfx and animation companies setting up shop in India over the past several months, so it’s exciting to see the reverse happening here.

Pictured at top: Superman and Lois