Counterfeit Cat Counterfeit Cat

Trevor Bentley, co-founder of Atomic Cartoons, has opened the new Canadian production studio Toon City Vancouver, in partnership with the Filipino studio Toon City.

Here are details of the new company:

Trevor Bentley
Trevor Bentley. Photo via personal Linkedin page.
  • Until May of this year, Bentley served as president, CCO, and EVP of Vancouver’s Atomic Cartoons, a studio he co-founded 24 years ago. The studio had provided animation services for a wide variety of tv series including such recent productions as Netflix’s Oddballs, Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls: Trollstopia, and Disney-Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends.
  • While at Atomic, Bentley had worked with Manila-based Toon City for nearly a dozen years, across a variety of productions including Counterfeit Cat (Disney XD), Molly of Denali (PBS), and Incredible Ant (Youku).
  • Toon City Vancouver will specialize in both traditional and digital services, with an eye towards co-production opportunities. By partnering with one of the biggest animation studios in the Philippines, Bentley hopes to benefit from the “deep talent pool in Vancouver and Manila, while benefiting from the Canadian tax credits.”
  • Trevor Bentley’s statement on Toon City Vancouver: “Over the years I’ve had nothing but admiration for the talented team at Toon City. The opportunity to build a pipeline that encompasses the deep talent pools in Vancouver and Manila and the immediate benefits for our clients made the decision automatic.”
  • Toon City Philippines CEO Miguel del Rosario on Toon City Vancouver: “I have seen how Trevor developed and nurtured his former studio, Atomic Cartoons. We have worked with him as service providers, and I only have admiration for his professionalism. Trevor is highly regarded in global animation, and I cannot be prouder in having him as our partner. This is a dream come-true as it opens huge possibilities for Toon City.”


Pictured at top: Counterfeit Cat, a series made with the participation of both Atomic Cartoons, which Trevor Bentley co-founded, and Toon City Philippines.