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French entertainment company TeamTO – producers of the recent Children’s & Family Emmy-winning Netflix series City of Ghosts and other standout content including PJ Masks and Elena of Avalor among others – has long been focused on sustainable, low-carbon-footprint production, and often featured environmental and social issues in its works. Now, the company is taking another step towards conservation by relocating to a new, cutting-edge studio in Paris.

Leaving behind their old rental space, which the studio says they’d outgrown, TeamTO has spent the last two weeks moving into a newly renovated space in the Bastille neighborhood, which was constructed with environmental protocols in mind, specifically to reduce the studio’s carbon footprint. According to TeamTO, they now operate one of the most energy-efficient studios in all of France.

Guillaume Hellouin
Guillaume Hellouin in the new TeamTO studio space.

TeamTO co-founder Guillaume Hellouin and his staff began the company’s environmental policies 17 years ago and, and he has spent the last 15 years researching ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint while producing content in a sustainable manner. Based on that research, TeamTO CTO Jean-Baptiste Spieser and his technical team put together the plans for the new space and implemented changes that will cut the studio’s carbon footprint by 63%.

Of the new studio, TeamTO explains:

Larger green initiatives for the new studio include: choosing the location based on the commuting distances and access of its 200+ employees to reduce travel; using only recycled wood in the construction; green areas that require minimal water while providing bird and insect ecosystems; hot-fridge systems in place of microwaves; low-energy, free cooling ventilation; 100% renewable energy; extending the use of workstations (6 years) and servers (10 years); and a data-center enhanced by an AI-based open source management software.

The studio is located in a refurbished building that was previously a well know private museum with an original small Parisian house inside its walls, thus its name: “La Maison Rouge.” The old house now acts as the heart of the studio, with a bar/kitchen on the ground floor. TeamTO’s editing will be done in the small upstairs rooms. The rest of the studio space has been remodeled with additional patios and large windows so that, regardless of location or job, no TeamTO employee will ever be far from natural light.

In addition to the green construction and initiatives, TeamTO has long been making environmentally conscious micro-choices such as going paperless, using only reusable cups and utensils, encouraging the use of electric or pedal-powered vehicles, and even experimenting with warming up a swimming pool using heat from their servers.

On the new studio space and the efforts of his team, Hellouin says:

I’m so proud of the work achieved by our entire team, from technical to production, who over the past four years were able to imagine, develop, and create this incredible, artist-centered, and forward-thinking animation studio. The result is truly amazing, it is a nest that will nurture the next generation of talent for the next 15 years!

Guillaume Hellouin
Guillaume Hellouin in the new studio, surrounded by natural light.

Pictured at top: TeamTO employees settle into their new Paris studio.

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