VES Awards Nominate Sandra Bullock as Best Animated Character

To acknowledge the crucial role of animators in the evolving world of filmmaking, the Visual Effects Society today nominated Ryan Stone, Bullock’s character in “Gravity,” for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live-Action Feature Motion Picture.

The Minions Invade China

“Despicable Me 2”, retitled “Super Thief Nanny 2,” had the biggest opening for an animated feature in China since 2012.

“Frozen” Is Hotter Than Ever: 1st Place In 6th Weekend

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s “Frozen” has accomplished the rarest of box office accomplishments: moving back into first place at the American box office after a month-and-a-half of wide release.

The “Frozen” Cake to Beat All “Frozen” Cakes

Some artists create their artwork using a pencil and paper, others use a mouse and a monitor, and my favorite kind uses flour, sugar, and eggs. This insanely huge and probably delicious “Frozen” cake featuring sculpures of Olaf and Sven was made by UK-based cake-making wizard Laura Miller.

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