A History of the ‘Gay Agenda’ in Animation

Bit by bit, overtly gay characters are making inroads into animation targeted primarily at children, but the fear of gay cartoon characters has existed for years.

Watch Mickey, Bugs, Scrat and SpongeBob Beat A Man

Here’s a heartwarming moment of corporate cooperation as cartoon characters owned by four different entertainment conglomerates—Mickey Mouse (Disney), Bugs Bunny (Warner Bros.), Scrat (20th Century Fox), and SpongeBob (Viacom)—team up to beat the living crap out of a real-life human being.

The Evolution of TV Cartoon Characters

To the average cartoon viewer, SpongeBob is SpongeBob and Bart Simpson is Bart Simpson, but cartoon connoisseurs recognize that characters evolve over the years, not just personality-wise but graphically.

‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Oral History

This 36,000-word oral history of SpongeBob SquarePants compiled by Hogan’s Alley editor Tom Heintjes contains interviews with over twenty …

SpongeBob XXX Parody

Here’s the SpongeBob XXX parody no one asked for…but everyone will probably watch: “SpongeKnob SquareNuts.”

A Last Minute Holiday Shopping List

Christmas is next Tuesday, so here’s a few last minute gift-giving ideas for that cartoon-freak in your life.

It’s A Spongebob Stop-Mo Christmas

When was the last time a prime-time TV Christmas Special was really special? I’ve seen this one – and it really is. Nickelodeon’s first …

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