The arrival of artificial intelligence into animation was not a matter of if, but when. And that ‘when’ is now with the announcement that, an AI tools company, has partnered with Stable Diffusion parent Stability AI, to launch the AI Text to Animation tool.

Here’s what we know about Krikey’s tech:

  • Krikey enables users to use a text phrase (like walk, run, jump, moonwalk, and so on) to generate avatar animation in minutes. The user can then export a video file or fbx file to their social media account, 3d game engine, or film editing software of choice. The results are primitive to put it kindly:
  • The company’s core product appears to be aimed at mobile, game, and augmented reality (AR) applications. Krikey touts speed as one of its main advantages. “Usually an animation takes 5+ business days to create,” the company says, “but with Krikey’s AI tool it takes minutes to generate.” The company believes that AI animation can be “the foundation of the next creator economy” and says generative AI has applications in film, gaming, metaverse avatars, social media, and cloud computing.
  • Krikey also points out the current shortcoming of its product, saying, “AI can never imbue a character with emotion so the role of artist and animator remains the same in the production pipeline.”
  • Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque says of the partnership: “Stability is always seeking out AI innovators and the Krikey team has put together one of the best tools to democratize creative expression. Now anyone can animate a 3d character with a few words in a text box. We are excited to support the Krikey AI team and work together to empower the next generation of AI creators and developers.”
  • Unique among Bay Area tech and animation companies, Krikey was founded by two women – sisters Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram. The company, which launched in 2017, has also produced augment reality experiences and games like Wingspan, made with the National Audubon Society, and Gorillas!, in partnership with Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Fund.


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