The quirky DIY-style end titles of Spider-Man: Homecoming are now available to view online.

The mixed-media segment employed a variety of techniques and materials including 2d hand-drawn, clay animation, photo collage, and cut-out animation. It was created by the New York City-based design studio Perception.

One of the project’s art directors, Chris Carboni, has updated his website with a large collection of artwork from the development and production of the piece.

The brief for the segment from film director Jon Watts was to create a series of handmade vignettes that felt like a high school art project. “And from there, we just ran with it,” Perception’s principal creative director John LePore said in the film’s art of book. “We explored two different components for this: One was figuring out what kinds of mediums would be appropriate for this; the other was figuring out what kinds of scenes we could present to show a combination of imagery that feels iconic to Spider-Man, as well as little ideas that help continue the story.”

Art director Chris Carboni adds, “Knowing how ambitious our vision was, it was important to put together a storyboard that not only served as a narrative blueprint, but also a guide for how each artistic medium would transition into the next. So we came up with dozens of vignettes, and rearranged them like puzzle pieces until everything clicked.”

Below are a selection of Carboni’s style frames for the project – many more can be found on his website:

"Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming." "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Produced at Perception NYC
Creative Director: John LePore
Art Director: Doug Appleton, Chris Carboni
Storyboards: Kevin Li, Ian Bradley, Jeff Baghai, Chris Carboni
Design: Chris Carboni, Kevin Li
2D Animation: Handel Eugene, Chris Carboni, Doug  Appleton, Ilaria Cacace, Justin Moluse
3D Animation: Doug Appleton, Handel Eugene

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