Inchworm Animation for Nintendo DSi

Inchworm Animation will be released for the handheld Nintendo DSi platform on April 25. The app will be available for download from the DSiWare store for 500 points (or $5). It looks to be a solid tool for introducing animation to the younger set but with enough functionality that may make it appealing to more advanced animators as well. It was developed by Austin, Texas-based Flat Black Films which created the rotoscope animation in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

A list of Inchworm’s features:

– create multi-layer flipbook animations

– variable-thickness antialiased brushes

– use the camera for stop-motion & time lapse

– rotoscope by tracing on top of camera footage

– different layers can have different frame lengths

– circles, rectangles and polygons (w/ border)

– translucent color and pattern fill

– custom palette storage

– pattern editor

– individual animation frame timing

– onionskin

– 6 levels of zoom

– export to SD card (SWF, BMP sequence)

– work on images up to 9999 x 9999 pixels

– cut/paste to clipboard

– rescale clipboard images

– flip and 90-degree rotate

– undo

(Thanks, Pierre Fontaine)