Bad Seeds, the upcoming Nickelodeon series by Chowder creator C.H. Greenblatt, has been renamed Harvey Beaks!, which is the name of the show’s main character.

The announcement was made yesterday by Greenblatt on his Tumblr. Last November Greenblatt had written online that they would have to change the show’s name “due to trademark issues.”

Greenblatt also offered a sneak peek of the show’s production design, led by art director Bill Dely, by posting 24 background paintings from the show. He identified the show’s background designers as Eirik Paye, Ben Lee, and Peter DeLuca, and the background painters as Rohner Segnitz, Chris Near, and Ben Lee.

See them below:

"Harvey Beaks!" backgrounds. (Click to enlarge.)
“Harvey Beaks!” backgrounds. (Click to enlarge.)
harveybeaks_bgs_d harveybeaks_bgs_c harveybeaks_bgs_b

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