Steven Universe, the new animated series created by Rebecca Sugar, will debut on Cartoon Network tonight (8pm/7 CT). The show carries the weight of historical precedence as it is the first Cartoon Network series made by a solo female creator. (And it ony took them 21 years and 45 TV series.)

To prep yourself for the series, read this io9 interview with Rebecca. Beginning on Tuesday, Cartoon Brew will launch weekly recaps of Steven Universe, all season long. Every twist and turn in the development of Steven and his universe will be lovingly dissected by our new writer Kendra Beltran who joins us from the late MTV Geek.

This is the first show we’ve ever recapped on the Brew, and it’s fitting that it would be Steven Universe, not just because Rebecca’s storytelling contains an uncommon level of depth and humanity, but also because we’ve been following her meteoric rise for years now. Cartoon Brew was, in fact, the first major media outlet that ever wrote about her work. In 2007, we discussed the then-twenty-year-old’s quirky fan art and wrote that she had “a bright future ahead of her.” Little did we know how brightly filled with crystal gems it would be. Later, her School of Visual Arts thesis film Singles was featured on Cartoon Brew TV in 2009. After that, Sugar moved to Los Angeles to work on Adventure Time and the rest is history.

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.