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Olan Rogers Olan Rogers

Final Space creator Olan Rogers is releasing a free, nine-part online series on how to make animation and, with any luck, a hit animated show.

“That’s really hard to do. Even if everything goes right, it’s nearly impossible,” Rogers admits at the beginning of the first 14-minute video in the series. But worry not, despite his pragmatism, Rogers’ optimism shines through in equal parts throughout video one.

There’s just the one video available right now, and it may leave some more experienced animation vets wanting as it’s a lot more about motivation than it is about animation. Many of his points, while valuable coming from someone with so much authority in the field, are general enough that they could apply to nearly any artistic endeavor. That said, some lessons can’t be learned too many times. Future installments will likely be more focused on animation specifically.

Early on in the video, Rogers gives a warning that any creator working in any medium would do well to remember. “Any time you come up with an idea, I want you to think  ’10 people already have that idea…'” he says. “They’re out pitching, or they’re making it, or they’re developing a pitch right now.”

Rogers also carefully explains the differences between an idea and a story, and why creators need to recognize that difference. One of the main mistakes creators make, he says, is to think they’ve got a story when all they have is an idea.

The video moves quickly and there are plenty of helpful questions and tips that creators can benefit from hearing. There are also several heartfelt anecdotes and a few early behind-the-scenes peeks at Rogers’ upcoming animated short Godspeed, which he says “really is a spiritual successor to Final Space.”

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