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A Red-Hot Trade Ad


I just came across this trade ad from a 1945 issue of Box Office Magazine. Click on thumbnail image at left to see it in full size.

Now this is the way to sell a cartoon short – with Sex. Apparently MGM was hot to promote “Red” and had big plans for her. The ad reprints a trade article claiming Red Hot Riding Hood had 15,000 bookings – with more to come! The article wrongly credits the film’s direction to Fred Quimby (Avery’s name is no where in sight). Imogene Lynn, of Artie Shaw’s orchestra, is credited as Red’s vocalist in The Shooting Of Dan McGoo.

If you’re interested in seeing Dan McGoo, the short will be released on DVD as part of Tex Avery’s Droopy – The Complete Theatrical Collection on May 15th.

  • Kevin Langley

    Did Iomogene Lynn actually record the song with Artie Shaw’s orchestra or with the MGM orchestra? I believe I have all the songs she did with him in her short stint with his band. Those Red tunes would be a great addition to another Scott Bradley album, if there’s plans for another.

  • droosan

    It’s very interesting that “Red” was actually her contemporary name. I had always assumed she didn’t have a name in the 1940s, and was assigned the name “Red” later on (similar to how “Michigan J. Frog” or “Gossamer” were named years after their first appearance). Even today, the French often refer to Tex Avery’s redhead simply as “the Girl”.

  • Very, very cool! I love these kinds of things… Glad to know MGM wasn’t prudish in advertising Tex Avery’s best pictures.

  • DVD of “complete Droopy”!??? I can NOT wait!! I hope it is, indeed, thorough!

    Had anyone out there ordered the “Complete Harveytoons”? I had placed its order (when Jerry promoed it) many months ago….and have yet to receive it!!

  • Finally we’re getting some Tex Avery on DVD! I don’t suppose if anyone knows if this is a American release of that lovely set they have in France?

  • I appreciate these kinds of things. I’ve always heard that the first Red short was a colossal hit.
    If you have more goodies of this kind please do share them!

  • jerry

    Uncle Wayne: The Harveytoons set is out. If you ordered it months ago and haven’t recieved it, there is a problem. Contact Amazon (or whoever you ordered it from) and demand it.

    GagaMan: No, this is not an American release of a French set.

    Duck Dodgers: More to come!

  • Will Finn

    Cartoon cross-reference: Imogene Lynn also dubbed Leslie Parrish’s singing voice (uncredited) in the so-bad-it’s-good 1959 movie version of L’IL ABNER, as the lovelorn Daisy Mae. Too bad no cd of this exists but at least it is recently available on DVD. Her vocals do pleasant justice to the Johnny Mercer songs and she is a perfect match for Ms. Parrish.

  • priit

    That was good. 100% good-old classic animation.

  • Art Binninger

    Re the Harvertoons set: I don’t know if mine was just a fluke or if Harveytoons never included a contents listing in the four-disk set. I have taken some of my spare time to watch each one and compile the titles. Some of the edited clips at the end of some shows were a bit vague so I’m open to corrections for them. For fans of Mr. Renoir the matchmaker both of his shorts are in there and as Jerry already mentioned Buzzy the Crow has his original Jackson Beck voice back.
    It’s still a good collection to have.

  • I’m not usually interested in those big, classic cartoon DVD’s…But this one looks like it could be pretty much a must-have for any self-respecting human being.