BBC Winter Olympics Promo by Marc Craste BBC Winter Olympics Promo by Marc Craste

BBC Winter Olympics Promo by Marc Craste

This spot promoting the BBC’s Winter Olympics coverage is one of the finest examples I’ve seen of an illustrative style applied to computer animation. The atmospheric Inuit-flavored promo was directed by Marc Craste (Jojo in the Stars, Varmints) at Studio AKA. Co-designer was Jon Klassen, who posted a little bit about the design process on his blog.

A bigger and cleaner version of the spot can be viewed here.

(via Motionographer)

  • I’m incredibly envious of this spot.

  • Crazy wonderful! Thanks for pointing it out!

  • How nice to see something that is 3d and not look like every other piece of 3d animation out there. It is as if they used the computer as a true artist tool rather than the “whats in style” thing. Beautiful work!

  • So awesome that they even put curling in a stylish way ! =O

  • As an avowed Furry, it pained me to see the cliched and woefully misinformed ‘savage beast’ stereotypes applied to wolves and bears yet again. Even a cursory study of these remarkable creatures would reveal that– naw, I’m just playing. This spot was rad. Wonderful work!

  • Funny. I was thinking, “This is reminding me of ‘Black Lake’.” Now I know why. Jon’s work is beautiful as always.

  • Sara H.

    Lol, You had me going there JM.
    I’m amazed they even made curling look somewhat interesting!
    But yeah, watching this again is about as much of the Olympics as I plan on seeing.

  • TheVok

    Yeah, saw this a few days ago, loved how they even managed to make curling cool!

  • pheslaki

    @ JM – but those were clearly dogs! Wolves don’t really bark. ;)

  • gatebuilder

    Very cool! I loved that they saw fit to keep this in B&W.

  • @JM – Man, you really had me cringing for a moment there.

    This is just too cool. Stylish, well done, and beautiful.

  • Mlamli

    uyibethile ( isixhosa for ‘you nailed it’ )

    I’m South African, and must say that apart from my country’s recent spike in interest in animation, it hasn’t really been all the rage.

    I’m teaching myself 3D, and although it’s tough – seeing stuff like this makes it worth it. First saw it on Creative Arts.