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Bra Maker Spoofs Disney Musicals In New Commercial

Swiss underwear and lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a two-minute CGI spoof of Disney musicals for its latest campaign to sell bras. “The perfect bra and Prince Charming have a lot in common,” the spot’s writer and director Tobias Fueter of Stories AG told Campaign. “Almost every woman dreams of finally finding the right one.”

The Triumph spot is currently airing in UK, German and Italian TV markets. Mike Huber directed the animation at Paris-based Chez Eddy.

“By transforming our model, Hannah [Ferguson], into a cartoon we are treading new ground and by doing so, we aim to create a compelling visual experience that captures the magical feeling of finding the right bra that transforms your life—‘the one,’” said Triumph’s head of brand marketing Eszter Szijarto.

Triumph chose to use animation for the spot, Tobias Fueter explained, because “women easily identify with animated characters, which explains the success of animated fairy tales all over the world.” Fueter, who also knows a thing or two about French people, said that if you’re going to do animation with a fashion theme, then you can’t go wrong by hiring the French because “they really have the style…they know the girls, they love beautiful things.”

Here’s a few making-of videos on the animation and music production:

  • Jenny

    And yet they managed to express more emotion with one woman trying to find a bra than Disney could do with the entire cast of Frozen.

    • Conner Garry Sennett

      I think I’d disagree.

      • Fried

        I think I would HEAVILY disagree with the original statement.

        These models are practically copy-pasted with major color and hair changes made to them to make them look different, but head shape, neck, chest, waist size, and thighs are all the same.

        • Blondie123

          Just like every Disney movie since they switched to cg.

          • Fried

            “Since they switched to cg”

            You think Disney hasn’t been using basically the same heroine template since the 40’s?

            Gonna have to really try hard to convince me that Belle, Ariel, and Aurora aren’t basically sisters.

          • Ravlic

            They look samey in the sense they’re all thin attractive women, that’s about it. Still, they all have different faces. Ariel has a tiny nose and those huge eyes I never liked, Aurora has a fairly sharp design, Belle has wider-apart eyes and round face etc. Give them some credit because they look more different than Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna and their mom, which might as well be clones in every sense.

          • jak

            Agreed. Although I think the Frozen women are pretty much the height of bland character design. They look like talking dolls. Rapunzel actually felt more alive.
            And the hand-drawn designs are all completely different. Besides, of course, that indefinable “Disney”-ness.

          • Magenta White

            Eh, to be fair, Tangled did have a much larger budget.

          • I don’t think it was just the budget but how Glenn Keane (who was the animation director on Tangled) revised the CGI animations over and over with 2D handdrawns to squeeze the most out of the CGI puppets (after all 3D characters are puppets and not something completely newly iterated every frame)…

          • Magenta White

            Sure. Glenn Keane is an animation expert, isn’t he?

    • Susie Padgett

      hahahahhahahahhahaha no.

    • Tom

      You got that right.

    • Magenta White

      Everyone?! Anna and Elsa, perhaps, but the other characters seemed fine.

    • Nicky

      Disney is going to need some water for this burn

  • jmahon

    ….were any women that weren’t either the models or the singers involved in this project? Any at all?

    • Conner Garry Sennett

      Does it really matter?

      • when your making a commercial aimed at women for a product made for women then of course it does.

        • L_Ron_Hoover

          I don’t think the knowledge or experience of wearing a bra was necessary for the people who made this…

        • BuffaloBarbara

          It might matter about the design of the bra, but I can’t see where it makes the slightest difference in the production of the commercial.

    • Wes Wilson

      The making of had some female’s in it that were part of the art/animation team, if I am not mistaken. That should help you sleep better tonight.

      On a side note, I really really appreciate the making of videos. Those are as enjoyable as the actual production piece. Thanks CartoonBrew!

    • Pencil

      If you can’t tell by watching it, who cares?

    • Johanna

      Pay attention: there’s a quote from “Triumph’s head of brand marketing, Eszter Szijarto.” Eszter=Esther (Hungarian) – the language is very strict about male/female names, so it’s 100% that the actual LEADER of the project was a woman!

  • nice! tho I think their spiel about “that life transforming moment! :D” is overselling it. Its a cute little commercial that gets your attention, is entertaining and the quality is surprisingly good.

  • Tre

    Saw the shortened version of this ad a few weeks ago on UK TV and I seriously thought it was a trailer for a movie rather than a bra. Well played. XD

  • popyea

    Well I had the opposite reaction. Hearing 9 weeks made me think omg you poor things. I think they would have been working at maximum efficiency the entire time to produce this.

    • Fried

      You can get quite a bit done in 9 weeks if you have the right team. I know many talented students at art schools who have to produce their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year films in a little close to two months on their own.

      • Zman

        That’s what I was thinking!

  • Fried

    We’re running commercials through the Bechdel test now?

    Not sure if people are getting desperate for material or if they’re dumb for even looking at the Bechdel test for a source of guidance in the first place.

    • It’s a fun experiment to do it on a shorter piece, though the point is that a longer piece (ie. 60 minutes+) should be able to pass easily. Literally that’s the entire point of the test’s existence.

      • Louisa

        That’s not the point of the test’s existence. It was a joke in a comic by lesbian cartoonist Allison Bechdel in her 1985 book DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR. The test was a joke. She never meant for it to be taken as seriously as it has been taken. In the comic, a woman describes to her friend what her criteria for movies that she can see is – and then says that the last movie that she was able to watch was ALIEN.

  • Anonymous


  • Bad analogy. It’s not particularly hard to find women in film production; it’s very hard to find people who are in film production AND purchase jet parts.

    Also… you know… gender imbalance in the industry etc.

  • Finally, a bra commercial that makes me feel like I’M THE TARGET AUDIENCE, not a straight male. Victoria’s Secret, take notes.

    Personally, I thought this was hilarious, especially since I have friends who have a really hard time finding bras that, um, fit. So yes, you are pretty much on a quest for The One.

    • Alexandria Lynn

      Amen! Too many lingerie commercials objectify women, which is why I refuse to shop there.

    • Zara


    • Nicky

      This commercial made me interested in the brand as well. Instead of being turned off, I”m interesting and excited. Kudos to this company!

  • wgan

    Can’t pick anything wrong with the design, animations or the lighting, they all look good, its just the film itself is long and tiresome, some cringyworthy moments, i just want it to finish quicker while watching.

  • Rendering time, my friend. That alone sucks up a good chunk of time, let alone boards, writing music, recording, modeling, rigging, and obviously the actual animation. 9 weeks for a two minute commercial- I’d die.

    To give you a little perspective, I made a short film in college this semester, which was 15 weeks. The film was roughly 45 seconds long. I had a different pipeline because I was working in After Effects (a 2D program), not a CGI program, but overall it’s pretty close. Now obviously it took me a bit longer since I have other classes, but still, it took me 15 weeks from pre-production to final render.

  • Mister Twister

    … or just go without one.

    Some men would appreciate ;)

    • Ravlic

      Yeah, do exercise and all without a bra and watch as you’re made fun of for having breasts that sag like dachshund’s ears. But great idea if you’re a man and have no idea how boobs work.

      • Brittany

        God I wish sagging boobs was all that happened if I went with out a bra. Once you get past a certain size exercise, even with a bra most times, just really hurts because they move too much!

        • Ravlic

          I’m busty and I’ve never had any issues with pain.
          I think it might be related to wearing bras too much otherwise I can’t imagine how women did anything before bras were invented.

          • In ancient times they used a strophium. It’s a few yards of linen, wrapped around the upper torso relatively tightly to bind the chest into immobility.

            In the Middle Ages, the dresses were form fit to the body, on-grain, nice and tight straight under the bust, creating a built in bra. I have made these dresses for women upwards of 34G, and they work.

            During the Renaissance, they stiffened the dress bodice by making it out of a few layers of linen, pad stitched together (like the lapels of a man’s suit are still sewn today), and fitting it relatively tightly, squishing the breasts inward (think of when you lie on your back and they spread out and flatten). I find these extremely comfortable. I’d rather wear this than a bra.

            At the end of Elizabeth I’s reign, the boned stays were invented and worn by upper class women. These were the precursor to later corsets. They were stiffened with baleen, just like later corsets, or with bundles of reeds.

            And, well, you probably know where corsets went from there onward. Oh, there were also some 15th century bra-like garments found in Austria a couple years ago. They seem to go with a particular style of dress that also has separate breasts (as opposed the uniboob look that was fashionable throughout most of the Middle Ages).

      • Mister Twister

        I wasn’t being super serious actually. And the way you phrased it makes it seem like having breasts is no fun at all, and makes me feel bad for women.

        • Ravlic

          That’s because they aren’t. For the most part they’re just lumps of fat that either hang there or get in the way and attract perverted comments. They’re really not that fun when you spend most of your life with them.

    • Cpt_Justice

      Or maybe just ignore what men want & do what YOU want….

  • U Mad Bra?!

  • Seeing this a while ago, I was really impressed with the animation and storytelling they had for it. Even if it was a bit much with the commercial (for me at least). The team still did strong work within the deadline, and gives a testament that they can handle a project with challenging schedules.

  • L_Ron_Hoover

    9 weeks is next to nothing. They said 9 weeks starting from when they got the boards but I’m assuming they already had the models and rigs (if not then that’s absolutely insane.) 2 minutes is a lot of work and they explain their process pretty well in the video. Working from 2D boards to previs to test animation to animation to clean up to final effects.

    That being said, they cut some corners to make it work by cheating all the girls to having solid/bun hair (avoiding having to animated hair) and also the mouth-syncing is really off (but that could be because they’re a French studio animating English?) There are a lot of animation short-cuts in here as well, just look at how they stretched the bra model at 0:33.

    Anyways, still very impressive to make something in just a couple of months that turned out this well.

    • Zman

      I can understand this maybe being a challenge considering there is music involved in the process and that they were going from nothing and had to storyboard and do char designs. But to actually animate a 3D short in the same room for 2 min doesn’t seem too crazy

      • L_Ron_Hoover

        If you’re not working with executives or anyone else who can intervene or make changes then sure. You have to factor in the fact that this probably (definitely) wasn’t a first pass on the animation. If we knew more information, like if they had the rigs, models, and assets prior to the animation then it would help to estimate. All they said was they had the storyboard and if that’s all they were given then that’s pretty insane.

  • starss

    Actually, with a full crew, 9 weeks sounds about right.

  • “women easily identify with animated characters”
    What the hell does that mean???

    • majikthise

      Well, I intensely identify with animated characters. Just this morning animals were following me to work while I was singing about the longing I feel for that hot rich stranger to marry on the spot. Also, a piano fell on me.

  • Vee Eaton


  • James STanley

    Now that you mention it, the animation was kinda neat.

  • Alexandria Lynn

    In speaking of CGi commercials, I like the Michelin ones featuring Bibendum made by TBWAChiatDay and Psyop, such as this one:

  • Stefanina

    *sigh* wires, of course. Not the perfect bra for me, I hate bloody armpits.
    It does not help that I lug around a J cup, either.

  • Sew Chic

    Brilliant. I adore this film. As an avid bra maker and lingerie seamstress I found this 100% entertaining and delightful. Every woman I know is looking for The One. Can’t wait to share this with all my friends. Well done!

  • Heather

    I am sad no one used the phrase “Fairy Bra-mother” in this

    • Cherise

      I was actually thinking that too! Lol

  • Katherine Traylor

    “Women easily identify with animated characters.” Um… huh?

  • yerp

    we aim to create a compelling visual experience that captures the
    magical feeling of finding the right bra that transforms your life—‘the

    Do you really need to create a “visual experience” just for buying a fucking BRA? This isn’t fairytale-land or disney-world, you don’t need a song and dance and a magical “visual experience” to buy a piece of fabric that goes over your tits!

    Also, if your life is so boring or terrible that buying a bra is going to transform it, then your problems are bigger than buying a new bra

  • Arcadia

    Alert the presses! A bra commercial which actually sells bras, not woman.

  • ravencomeslaughing

    While it’s nice to see a commercial that isn’t focused on “you look sexy for a guy” when it comes to bras… meh. I don’t feel confident from the disney-style barely out of their teens girls that this company can make an effective bra for someone who needs a LOT of support. And no, I don’t “readily identify with animated characters”, because I’m a freaking adult woman. Sheesh.

  • MR

    “the one” bra that she chooses doesn’t even fit her!

  • AnimatorInWaiting

    This was made in only 9 weeks? I can only cringe at the sleepless nights, coffee breaks, and pile-ups. The render time’s were probably disgusting as well. Great talent, and Patience was definitely a GREAT contributing factor. Bravo to the animators on this one. C: Can’t wait to join the Big leagues.

  • MamaSchulze

    One of the very few commercials I actually wanted to watch. A bra commercial that was sexual. I like it!

  • Stefanina

    I think part of it is that my breasts refuse to be shaped. The tissue is very dense despite my age (41) and no bra, wires no no, will make that flesh move on iota more than it wants to.

  • Wisteria

    Triumph never have, and probably will never have a bra for me, been there done that. I’m like 60H in size, and they claim I’d fit into their D