<em>Hanged</em> by Pat Dorian <em>Hanged</em> by Pat Dorian
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Hanged by Pat Dorian

A stop-motion viral by illustrator/animator Patrick Dorian, created to promote the Hangman word game App for Apple iPhones and iPads; produced by Freeverse.

  • Chris


  • Uhhhh… (ditto that)

  • uncle wayne

    Heyyy! Congratts, Patrick! I love how you’ve made it look sooooooo “old” (even with crackling early-sound soundtrack!) Great Stuff!!

  • What constitutes this as “viral?”

  • Why did she hang him?

    Other than “she was predestined to do that because it was the title of the film”.

  • good on ya patrick

  • Kevin

    Awesome dude!!! Great job!!

  • Thanks Jerry for posting the video.

  • Why does a film that only lasts 1 minute have credits that last 30 seconds? Ego.

  • I always wondered what happened to Davey after he grew up. Clearly he never got over the death of his old pal Goliath and now he’s taking out his anger on women.

  • FP

    I like it.

    I don’t know why.

  • gatebuilder

    Cool… doesn’t make any sense. Why did the guy have to die for the affair gone bad? As far as the story goes, they are equally complicit in the destruction of the relationship. Given the sketchy details and lack of motivation, shouldn’t this lead to a double suicide? Really, it wasn’t anything either of them did. It was the rose that changed color. Hang the rose!!

  • Selvagem

    Grats Pat!

  • Nice work sir!