The new ass-kickin’ Michelin Man! The new ass-kickin’ Michelin Man!

The new ass-kickin’ Michelin Man!

AdWeek is reporting on a new Michelin Tires ad campaign that transforms their 111 year old rubber-man mascot into an ass-kicking, tire tossing super hero. Psyop produced the new TV spot (below) for the TBWA\Chiat\Day agency. Have a look:

  • DN

    What a buggy player. Keeps restarting.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thank god, for a minute there I thought they were changing his design radically.

  • joecab

    Me too: i thought he was gonna be all slimmed down and buff. Whew!

  • Utterly unable to watch it. Player keeps restarting, I’ve only made it through about 4 seconds or so.

  • Mike D

    The music and Narration slightly reminds me of the Gorillaz track: “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head”

  • Paul N

    Good Lord! He’s disemboweling himself!

  • Jason

    Man, I wish I could get rid of MY spare tire that easily!

  • ben colbourn

    looks like if i move my mouse outside of the player is when it restarts.

    also, that hero sacrificed his rubbery innards to save those people. what a hero!

  • I thought it was going to be a whole lot worse than that from your discription but it was actually not so bad. A wee bit of a snappier edit would help.

  • Tom Pope

    Go Bibendum, it’s your birthday.

  • Is he related to the Stay Puff marshmallow guy?

  • The music doesn’t suit the visuals.
    Sound effects — What? No sweetening?
    They only made half a commercial here.

  • By reading that caption, I also thought they were going to redesign him…

  • edgertor

    this is an OLD bibendum concept they’re working with! he used to frequently take tires out of his belly:

  • I just produce a short film on logos and brands. This is very close to the original intent of the creator, and FYI Michelin is one of the very first brands to create an identity. Cheers to the creators for looking back to the history. I suggest a quick wikipedia for any artist.

  • I like it, but this seems like blatant rip off of the gorillaz.

  • Cady

    Why are the comments not gushing at how delicious this ad is?? I adore that granny fighting for her purse.

  • Casey

    This is absolutely stolen from the Gorillaz song. Its like ridic. How did they even get away with this? The music is practically identical, and the lyrics are exactly the same, they just changed it to tire ideaology.
    F michelin.