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Tytla at Tempo

Here’s a neat find. Chuck Howell, curator at The Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland, came across this two-page article from the Oct. 1950 issue of a trade publication called Advertising Agency and Advertising And Selling (I assume two trade organs had merged to come up with that mouthful). “Clipping Board” was a regular feature that focused on art and graphic design trends, covering everything from billboards to direct mail to (as in this case) the still-new
medium of television (click on thumbnails below for enlargements). These pages detail the creation of a TV commercial, for Sealtest ice cream, produced at Tempo Productions and directed by Bill Tytla (the article mis-spells his name “Wm. Tytle”).

  • This kingly character looks surprisingly like my father…

  • John

    Had to have been some of Tytla’s first work at the studio, since Famous was still releasing cartoons with his name on them about the time the article came out.

  • Louis Pasteur

    Sealtest was once a major dairy brand. But it went the way of Hydrox cookies (though Kelloggs has momentarily brought those back, in honor of their 1908 inception).

  • Sealtest ice cream still exists in Canada. According to Wikipedia, Parmalat bought out their U.S. milk-producing facilities, while Nestle bought their ice cream brand (Parlour).

    And…to tie it all together, “Sealtest also sponsored an ice cream store at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida named Sealtest Ice Cream Parlor and Sealtest Ice Cream Wagon.”