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DreamWorks Artist Sentenced For Hammering Dog To Death

Remember the DreamWorks artist who was accused of shooting a dog and then pounding it to death with a hammer? Last Friday, Young Song, 41, who has done CG surfacing since 2003 at DreamWorks, admitted in court that he went into his neighbor’s yard, beat a German Shepherd that was tethered and muzzled, and then disposed of the body.

Song had initially entered a “not guilty” plea, but on the first day of the trial, jurors were shown surveillance footage that showed him attacking the dog. After the tape was shown, Song changed his plea to “no contest.” The judge sentenced him to one year in county jail, three years of probation, and ordered him to not own any pets or animals for ten years. He will begin serving his sentence next month. More details at the Pasadena Star-News.

(Photo of dog via Shutterstock)

  • As a dog owner this story makes me really sad. Are you trying to give this horrible story some cuteness to it by having this image accompany the post? Maybe the post should have been titled “Oops: DreamWorks Artist Sentenced For Hammering Dog To Death”.

    Oh wait, I’m posturing and having a smug attitude. No need to say it, I’m moving on.

    • Charles

      He gives the same treatment to humans, I assure you. Recently he reported on the death of an animator in a car crash and the picture was on a different man with some bandaids on his face. One of the tags was ‘whoopsie smash bye-bye.’

  • Funny how Cartoon Brew doesn’t promote Kickstarter campaigns for animated projects but we do get to read about all the juicy gossips of the animation world.

    • Chris

      I could not agree more. I would love to hear from Amid why he thought this kind of news is worth posting.

      I really appreciate cartoon brew and it’s coverage of the animation world. If on some days there are no news to report why not just leave it that way instead of patching with tabloid style posts?

  • Aaron B.

    I like how this story is tagged with “bad ideas.”

  • I like

    ^ I actually like that. If i wanted to see kickstarted promotions, Id go on kickstarter.

    • I know I know, but I would love to get the CB filter on all the Kickstarter stuff.

      I’m just trolling anyways n__n

  • One year in jail and three years probation? How about mandatory anger management classes?

  • jlo

    Who cares if he works at Dreamworks, he smashed a dog to death.

  • Thanks again for reporting on THIS, but not on the Dragon’s show. Your “interests” fascinate me, Amid.

  • Eric P

    I’m glad this *** got jail time for this but it is too bad that the judge couldn’t have also sentenced him to write a script and storyboard just what the hell was going on inside his head at the time. I think it would be fascinating to know.

  • Surely this calls for more then a year…

  • Kate

    Let’s hope Cartoon Brew follows this story after this jerk is released from prison. Any studio who hires the dog murderer should be boycotted.

  • Mike Caracappa

    You know Amid, I’ve been coming to this site since it first started, and I’ve always admired your outspokenness about certain issues in our industry, but I’m appalled you would do something like this to one of our own. The text may come off as serious reportage, but your clearly mocking him with that picture and that “bad ideas” label. Seriously, what if this guy turns out to be bipolar? This guy obviously has mental health issues if he lost control enough to kill a dog. Maybe if your going to report something like this you should get all the facts first before you decide publicly out a member of our community over something that really has no relation to animation and is really none of our business. This isn’t Fox News, the guy is not a celebrity, he’s a regular working man, and he doesn’t deserve this from you, especially if this was brought on by a condition that’s NOT HIS FAULT.

    Forgive if me if I sound emotional, but I know personally what that kind of uncontrollable emotion does to a person, and it runs deep. A psychotic break can change you forever. You may not have said it publicly, but most of us can tell you’re basically writing him off as a crazy person.

    I don’t care if you decide not to publish my comment, but maybe you can do the right thing and delete this post now at the very least not to hurt his family any more than what they are already feeling right now. I know you never intended to hurt anyone, but please don’t post anything like this in the future again without good cause or at least to respect the privacy of his family.

    • Dingo

      You’re making an assumption that he’s mentally disturbed. He may just have been annoyed by the constant whining of the dog with the muzzle. Breaking points aren’t mental illnesses.

      • Mike Caracappa

        Fine, he may not be mentally ill. But regardless of any illness, his lawyer may have him diagnosed in order to explain his behavior, which means he’ll have to go on psych meds while he’s in jail…meds that not only drug you and slow you down, but can ruin your creativity. This one mistake of temporary insanity can fuck him up for a long time. Even if he gets off the drugs, they still have a lasting impact and he may not be able to creatively think straight or practice his art for a long time after. So I feel sorry for him and what he may have to go through now. He’s not a celebrity, he’s a working joe in our industry. He doesn’t deserve this tabloid journalism from us. This whole story is none of our business and from us he should be entitled to privacy. He made a mistake, and he’s going to serve time for it. He may be punished in more ways than one because of this including having his reputation tarnished. So I see no reason to pour salt on the wound by posting this article and embarrassing him in front of everyone else as well.

        • Artist

          I’m on antidepressants, and my creativity has not suffered one bit. PLEASE do not make dangerous assumptions about medication. Some people need it.

          • Mike Caracappa

            Artist, I understand where your coming from, and I personally know the importance of medication. I was reffering to the drugs that are far worse than anti depressents. Ive been on both having been a patient myself for over 2 years. The stronger stuff can seriously fuck with you. When I was on them, I lost a lot of my own creativity and drawing ability, and even though I am off them both now I am still struggling to get it back. I lost a part of myself and for a long time I didn’t think I would ever get it back. If he’s obligated to take psychiatric meds, he’s seriously in for a rough ride. Regardless of the importance of medication, it comes with its own set of consequences. To have your abilities as an artist taken away is like having a peice of your soul ripped out.

            I also advocate for mental health awareness, and all that I ask is for some people on here to show some compassion. I’m seeing words thrown around here like ‘psycho’ and ‘monster’, and black and white assumptions being made about somebody’s problem that goes far deeper that can simply be written off on the surface. You can’t tell me that someone who arbitrarily kills a dog doesn’t have some kind of mental health issue going on, especially since it can lead to doing something far worse. And I object that an animation artist, a member of our communities’ personal problem is being brought into an open forum for any moron to jump in and make scathing remarks over something they can’t even begin to understand. Somebody has to stand up for Young Song. He’s human and he made a mistake. I say show him a little forgiveness. And leave him alone already.

      • Polecat

        Or he may have just done it out of cold-blooded spite, or as a Beavis-and-Butt-Head-type lark. It’s hard to believe it but people like that do exist. We don’t know yet whether Song is one of them.

  • JWLane

    People who do this to animals, particularly pets, are inches away from doing similar things to humans. One has to wonder about the Dreamworks supervisor that kept this monster on the payroll. No clues, model citizen?

    • Funkybat

      It sounds like you assume there were “warning signs” ont he job for a supervisor to notice. This guy could have been perfectly normal at work or even with friends and family. People have hidden dark sides, sometimes even to themselves until there is some kind of trigger. Not at all an excuse for such horrific behavior, but it is silly to expect bosses and friends and family to always know that “something is wrong.”

  • Julian

    What a horrible thing to do, how someone supposedly in their sane mind could ever do such a thing is beyond me. However, you don’t think the “cute dog” pic and “bad ideas” tag like it’s the equivalent of a bad promotion idea, are a bit, well, off?

  • Right, this person is clearly a psycho and deserves a significantly worse punishment. German Shepherds are such loyal and loving dogs. Oh, and remember how the article said the dog was helpless? That doesn’t help his credibility.

    • Ryoku75

      I disagree on Shepards, I have a neighbor with one and its tried to attack my family more then once.

  • Ryoku75

    Young Sons behavior was a bit much, but I’ve been in his position numerous times where I’ll have to deal with careless neighbors and big, potentially lethal dogs.

    Out in the suburbs theres no real reason to have a big snorting dog at the fence everyday. Its the many careless pet owners that’ve turned me off from owning any sort of dog or cat.

    I think that this case didn’t need to be brought up again, Cartoonbrew glances over most anime-related works and yet they report on cases that’re a few years old.

    But then again, controversy is what drives the press these days.

    • Coward

      “behavior was a bit much” ??? He beat an animal to death with a Hammer. These are the actions of a cowardly human being.

  • jqpublic

    I know a little bit about this case and there are a few issues that have been left out. There was apparently a hole under the fence of the property where the german shepherd came through (some news stories mention this). There was also some phone calls to police or animal control from the Songs. From what I have read, the Songs were a family with small children and owned dogs as well as chickens (from an earlier LA Times story). Their other neighbors seemed to think he was a “kind person” (also in earlier LA Times story)
    I’ve also been told Song was at work on the day of the incident and had to come home because of an emergency. There was talk of some prior attacks or incidents involving that dog having bitten somebody although I don’t know if the dog bit someone in the Song family. I think there was an incident that precipitated things and to me, that scenario makes more sense than what’s offered in the press as someone who simply decides to murder a dog out of the blue. I’m not stating this excuses things but I think there are a lot of unanswered questions.

  • Shocked

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