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Is Hayao Miyazaki Un-Retiring, Again?

Hayao Miyazaki may be revoking his plan to retire and returning to animation, according to a poster on Reddit. The original report stems from a Japanese blogger who claims that Miyazaki made the announcement during a New Year’s Eve radio broadcast.

Of course, this unverified report originates on the same untamed Internet where last week hordes of media were fooled by a story of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un eliminating his uncle by feeding him to 120 starving dogs. The source of that misinformation was a satirical tweet by a Chinese blogger. In other words, Miyazaki’s unretirement could simply be a hoax, or wishful thinking on the part of his Japanese fans.

A couple months ago, Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki hinted that Miyazaki was working on a period-piece manga, which sounds like a more manageable project for the 73-year-old Miyazaki than an animated feature, especially considering his recent health issues. Still, by various counts, Miyazaki has retired (and un-retired) between seven to ten times over the last three decades. If he chooses to un-retire one more time, it’s unlikely there will be much objection.

  • Roberto Severino

    As long as he’s fit and healthy enough I wouldn’t mind him unretiring one last time and then retiring for good.

  • Honest_Miss

    I don’t understand why he keeps calling it “retirement.” It sounds much more like “taking a break until I come up with something good” to me. Why not call it what it is?

  • Jen H

    This brilliant man needs to stop toying with my emotions. ;P

    • Doug

      I very much hope this is true but I am a doubter esp. given the recent health issues. But then again, he may have had a taste of retirement (again) and found that he’d rather be in at the animation desk.
      I wish the man only the best as he has given me countless hours of inspiration and entertainment. I just hope whatever he decides to do that he doesn’t work himself to death.

      • John Warren

        I think that Miyazaki keeps retiring, then sitting down and wondering what hobby he could take up to keep himself occupied in his retirement… “I know – animation!” People with his kind of creative inspiration never do retire, at least not in the usual sense.

  • George Comerci

    I hope he doesn’t retire!

  • Steven Bowser

    He never said he would quit animation for good. He said that he would be quitting feature animation for good. In his press meeting he mentioned being interested in doing smaller things, like short films for the Ghibli museum. He also could help with Ghibli feature films on a lesser role instead of a huge keyframing role in animation.