Jazz Cartoon Friday Jazz Cartoon Friday

Jazz Cartoon Friday

If anybody has ever wondered why the 1930s-1950s are referred to as the Golden Age of animation, these four shorts below should provide the answer to that question. The theme is jazz, the cartoons are beautifully animated and effortlessly entertaining, and they’re all courtesy of individual users who posted them on YouTube.

MINNIE THE MOOCHER (1932, Fleischer)
Director: Dave Fleischer
Music: Cab Calloway

Director: James “Shamus” Culhane
Music: Jack Teagarden
Thanks to Kevin Langley for posting this on YouTube.

“All the Cats Join In” from MAKE MINE MUSIC (1946, Disney)
Director: Jack Kinney
Music: Benny Goodman

Director: Tex Avery
Music: Scott Bradley

  • 5 years later, let me add this review of the MINNIE THE MOOCHER cartoon by FILM DAILY:
    “Minnie the Moocher”
    with Cab Calloway
    Paramount 8 mins.

    This Max Fleischer musical cartoon is one of the best turned out so far with the cute pen-and-ink star, Betty Boop, who seems to be getting more sexy and alluring each
    time, and her boy friend. Bimbo. The musical portion is supplied by Cab Calloway and his orchestra, and what these boys can’t do to the “Minnie the Moocher” number isn’t worth mentioning. Cab and his boys are shown only for a brief moment at the opening. Then a cartoon character, a big walrus with serpentine hips, performs the gyrations to the tune of the “Minnie” song. The effect is little short of a knockout, especially to those who are familiar with Cab’s stuff on the radio or stage or night club. Betty Boop’s part in the action concerns her running away from home because of her bad parents. With Bimbo she goes into a cave, where spooky figures and eerie noises give them such a scare that they beat it back home.