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Pete Docter Is Doing A New Disney Flipbook Series: ‘Nine More Old Men’

As a follow-up to 2013’s Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks, Pixar director Pete Docter (Inside Out, Up, Monsters, Inc.) is preparing a second book, Walt Disney’s Masters Of Animation: Nine More Old Men—The Flipbooks.

Based on the description available on the web site of book distributor Hachette, the project sounds similar to Docter’s earlier flipbook project. The unique part, however, is that this new series of flipbooks will address a longstanding complaint amongst Disney animation buffs: that there were many other great animators at Disney besides the group of animators famously known as the Nine Old Men.

Docter’s project takes a giant leap toward correcting this oversight by shining a spotlight on nine other great animators, each of whom will be represented by a flipbook. They’re not exactly anonymous names; anyone who loves classic Disney animation will already have some familiarity with their work. However, it’s certainly novel to see these animators given center stage, and it’s more than a bit subversive to distinguish them as “Nine More Old Men.” (Most assuredly, there’d be at least a few of the original Nine Old Men—if they were still alive—who would be incensed at the idea of labeling nine other animators as their equals.)

The nine animators who’ll be featured are:

  • Ub Iwerks
  • Norm Ferguson
  • Bill Tytla
  • Ham Luske
  • Art Babbitt
  • Grim Natwick
  • Fred Moore
  • Hal King
  • John Sibley
Drawing by John Sibley, one of the animators who will be featured in "Nine More Old Men."
Drawing by John Sibley, one of the animators who will be featured in “Nine More Old Men.”

In addition to the flipbooks, the boxed set will contain a booklet with biographical information about each of the artists.

Docter doesn’t make a big deal about his knowledge of the art form, but he is a first-class historian. It was something I learned firsthand when I was publishing my print magazine Animation Blast, for which Pete wrote a wonderfully researched piece about John Sibley. Now, Sibley, and eight of his Disney colleagues, are set to receive much broader recognition thanks to Docter’s efforts, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Currently scheduled to become available in mid-October 2017, the flipbook series has a suggested retail price of $60. They are not yet available to pre-order.

  • SomeCallMeKash

    I have a mighty need for more mainstream Disney 2D for theaters.

    • Jack Newman


    • And Disney has the ability to do it – they just have no faith in it. Hopefully they will be innovators again and bring it back to the forefront. Or at least someone else.

  • otterhead

    This is awesome. I’d argue that some of those names are more worthy of legendary status than some of the original “Nine Old Men”.

    • Andrew Marshello

      Exactly. Ub Iwerks? Art Babbitt? These guys are legends beyond the scope of the “Nine Old Men” restriction.

  • Crabamoustache

    Truly deserved for all of them. Sadly Fred Moore hasn’t lived long enough to become old

  • I greatly admire the classic 9 old men, but these are equally talented yet didn’t get the attention they deserved for a variety of reasons unrelated to their talent.

  • aarett

    please use both sides of the page this time to show two scenes from each animator

  • Marc Hendry

    nice to see some of these guys get some recognition. Although I do think that Frank and Ollie’s wave of animators did overtake most of the earlier animators over the course of Pinocchio and Bambi, guys like Tytla and Babbit are definitely in the top-tier alongside Kahl etc.